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The FD Team
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We have a confirmed skills base acquired over the years in varied high-flying fields of marketing & communications including industrial, technological and financial areas.
The unique selling point of The Flying Designers revolves around their intuition and vision of the messages and images that aircraft can communicate: their design offers new directions for an industry which must remain continually visible and financially competitive. For its founders, this new business venture represents a new application of their savoir-faire in an area which they are passionate about: a mid-point between dreams, travelling and new technology.
In the creation of The Flying Designers, we have made a dedication and a conscious choice by adding value to our shared passion and by associating our respective skills base for the benefit of all air carriers.
:: The Flying Designers: a team dedicated to you
Associated Designer
Creative Director
Business Development
With a BA in Fine Art from the Beaux-Arts, Jean-François then pursued his studies at the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts graphiques Met de Penninghen/ESAG (Paris). Having spent part of his career in charge of artistic design in diverse bespoke communication agencies, he created Aeradesign in 1999. Creative advisor for firms mainly in the technological, industrial and financial areas, Jean-Francois has been accompanying these core clients for the past
8 years or so.
"Considering the geographical extent of my current clientele, I travel frequently to meet them as often as possible. Coming across a plane in an airport which sports our design would give me a tremendous amount of satisfaction"
:: Jean-Francois is your initial contact at The Flying Designers, as he is in charge of project specifications, the conceptual side of the sales relationship. As a graphic designer and co-concept designer, he focuses on the whole design process, from the first to the final stage of the project. With Alain and Gilbert, Jean-Francois ’ task is to meet your expectations in the most efficient way. His dual design & marketing skills base means that he can advise on style aspects, as well as on the promotion of your sales objectives.
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After the Beaux-Arts and an Advanced Vocational Diploma in Graphic Design, Alain became the artistic director at Lonsdale Design in Paris. Graphic charters, edition and packaging have been his strong points since the beginning of the 1990s.
“Translating the positioning of an airline company or expressing the personality of a jet owner through its livery is a real challenge : such a creation can have an unbelievably efficient impact  — in addition to such a gigantic support base, it is also an invitation to travel and to maintain visual contact with the whole world. ”
:: Alain is your main contact for the visual and illustrative side of 2 Dimensional aircraft livery. His skill in creating vectorial graphic techniques means he can produce a model which is very close to reality, the painting aspects included! His visual savoir-faire is a real strong point for the creation of top quality livery, perfectly coherent with
your expectations and specifications defined in the initial stage of your project.  
This 2D phase is a determining factor, being the first concrete step in the concepts we offer and the first visual contact with the new livery of your fleet or aircraft.
Alain Dieumegard
Associated Designer
Art Director
2D Illustrator
Trained as a visual artist, Gilbert has been using numerical tools in his artistic creation for more than 20 years, and is recognised as a specialist in modelling and 3-dimensional design. For many years Gilbert has been using his savoir-faire in very different sectors, such as TV, entertainment, and industrial imaging. His main achievements have been in commercials, visual identity and TV serials, attraction parks and institutional films.
“A child of Icarus, The Flying Designers has allowed me to bring together my professionalism and my passion for the Air universe ”.
Gilbert is also an instructor at the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l'Image (EESI) in Poitiers.
:: Gilbert gives life and movement to the aircraft livery created by The Flying Designers: his mastery of virtual reality and 3D environments allows you to appreciate your aircraft in flight mode and to give a really close simulation of the reality of the aircraft livery you have chosen. The techniques and modelling tools used by The Flying Designers are synonymous with good time management and made-to-measure advice before launching the production phase in the painting workshop.
Gilbert Louet
Associated Designer
Art Director
Still & animated Modeling
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